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How we Work

At CO-WORKER, we believe in offering much more than just a job. We strive to give you a full-fledged growing career driven with passion.

So what do we do?  We find and invite local people like you who are looking to convert their spare time into good money. We screen them. We take their aptitude test. We train you in non coding IT skills. We run a few software projects through you. We conduct several mockup interviews. We conduct several Q and A sessions. We polish your resume. We search for jobs for you. We manage all client communications. We arrange several interviews for you. We try our best to get you selected. Many of the part time workers like you have their own business contacts too (who does not?). We arrange your presentations and close the deal with your client. We help negotiate your contract with the client. After that we provide full time support to complete your assignment. You work part time. We work FULL TIME as your “Coworker“. You can expect to make a good amount per IT project. You work as part time Technical Coordinator. We work as full time experienced IT programmers and developers as your coworker.

Which business does not need you and us? For example, any business who does not have a website, will need a website to multiply his business. Any business who has a website will need SEO to bring his website on the first page when googled. Any business who has a website on the first page will need iOS mobile apps. Any business who has iOS mobile apps will need android apps. (May be a CRM/e-Commerce application built). Plus you need to upgrade your website and apps continuously as new technology is pouring in. So remember most businesses need you and us. Come let us join our hands together to make it a a guaranteed victory.

On Job Support

With our career support services, our mentors not only assist you in addressing your problem, but also hold your hand as you do so. You have the option of sharing your expertise in addition to finishing the job.

We will appoint a mentor, start or plan a session with our employment assistance services.

Our specialists are real-life professionals with years of technical and domain expertise; each is a subject matter expert who has passed a rigorous technical screening process.